TROND Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter Receiver, 2-in-1 Wireless 3.5mm Audio Adapter, AptX Low Latency, Smart Codec Indicator, 2 Devices Simultaneously, for TV, Home Sound System


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Product Description


TROND Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter Receiver

Product Specifications:

Bluetooth Compliance: Bluetooth V5.0, CSR 8670 chipet, A2DP
Working Range: up to 33ft / 10m
Supports: Dual Stream (TX mode); Multi-Point (RX mode)
Working Time: about 10 hours
Charging Time: 2 hours / 5V; working while charging
Dimension: L 55 x W 38 x H 10.5 mm / 2.17 x 1.50 x 0.41 in
Net Weight: 17.2 g / 0.61 oz

Tips Before Using:

Switch to the right working mode (TX or RX) before powering on. As a transmitter (TX), it should pair to receiving devices, such as Bluetooth headphones or speaker. As a receiver (RX), it should pair to transmitting audio sources, such as your phone or tablet. You can’t pair two transmitting devices or two receiving devices together;
If you want to use it as a transmitter and connect to your TV, please refer to the user manual of your TV and find the right AUDIO OUT port (3.5mm or white/red RCA), instead of any VIDEO or AUDIO IN ports. If your TV only offers the digital optical audio out port, please order another model instead: TROND BT-DUO S;
Your wireless headphones or speakers also need to support the codec of aptX Low Latency in order to reduce the audio latency to 40ms. Otherwise, the codec will be downgraded to aptX or even SBC;
If TROND BT-DUO S gets stuck and all the buttons stop working properly, please press & hold the MFB, and plug in the external USB charger to shut down BT-DUO S. Please note that this operation won’t delete the previous pairing record;
If you’d like to delete all the pairing record, please refer to the section of “Frequent Asked Questions” at the end of the user manual for how to reset TROND BT-DUO S.

Important Remarks:

TROND BT-DUO S doesn’t have the built-in microphone and hence doesn’t support phone calls;
You can use TROND BT-DUO S either as a transmitter OR as a receiver. This adapter won’t be able to transmit and receive audio at the same time;
The latency of 40ms is still unacceptable for live sound monitoring. Therefore, those who plan to use it with electric paino or guitar, beware! Bluetooth technology, even with aptX Low Latency, may not suit your needs;
We wouldn’t suggest you using TROND BT-DUO S in the transmitter mode to pair with your car Bluetooth system, as some cars require entering a certain pin code for pairing and TROND BT-DUO S doesn’t have the keypad for you to enter the pin code;
If you have any difficulty in pairing with your Bluetooth headphones or speakers, please always feel free to reach us for the technical assistance.

Mode I: Bluetooth Transmitter (TX)

TX Application:

Switch to “TX” mode, connect it to the audio OUT port of your non-Bluetooth audio source, such as TV, tablet, CD-player, Nintendo Switch/3DS, and then pair it with your wireless headphones. Start enjoying music, watching video or playing games without disturbing someone next to you.

Lip-Sync with AptX Low Latency

With aptX Low Latency, it can effectively minimize the audio delay, which allows you to watch late night TV shows in a synchronized way. Please order TROND TD-BH01 Over-Ear Bluetooth V4.2 Headphones for the best low latency performance.

Dual Stream

TROND BT-DUO S can pair up to two Bluetooth audio devices simultaneously, and streams audio to both of them. However, in this case, the codec would be downgraded from aptX LL to SBC. Please order TROND BT-DUO II transmitter if you’d prefer aptX LL for both two devices.

Mode II: Bluetooth Receiver (RX)

RX Application:
Switch to “RX” mode, connect it to the audio IN port of your wired audio device, such as wired earbuds, speaker or car stereo via 3.5mm cable, and pair it with Bluetooth-enabled audio sources such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This way, you could enjoy high-quality music wirelessly without spending more to order Bluetooth headphones or speaker.

AptX Low Latency for RX Mode
Unlike most other 2-in-1 transceivers which don’t support aptX LL or aptX in the receiver mode, TROND BT-DUO S is ideal for turning your wired headphones, speakers or car stereo into Bluetooth-enabled headphones or speakers with the feature of aptX Low Latency.

You can pair two smartphones (or tablets) to this receiver simultaneously. However, it can only receive the audio from one phone at a time. You need to pause the music on one phone first in order to play music from the other phone.

More Product Features to Explore

Full Music Control (RX)
By connecting your wired headphones or speaker to TROND BT-DUO S in the receiver mode, you could remotely play/pause music, adjust volume up/down and change track forward/backward by using the volume controlling buttons.
Quick Press – Volume Up/Down
Long Press – Track Forward/Backward

Note: the microphone and the volume/track buttons on your wired headphones or speaker will become inactive once they are connected to the receiver.

Smart Codec Indicator
Be smart, and don’t let false advertising fool you. TROND BT-DUO S can tell you which codec is in place, by displaying different LED status after the music starts playing.

SBC – blue LED indicator blinks once every 10 seconds; aptX – blue LED indicator blinks twice every 10 seconds; aptX Low Latency – blue LED indicator blinks 3 times every 10 seconds

DC Mode & Working while Charging
– Connect TROND BT-DUO S to a quality USB charger, and stream the audio as long as you can.

Built-in 200mAh Rechargable Battery
– If running on the internal battery, TROND BT-DUO S can offer approx. 8-hour battery life;
– Plug in the USB charger at any time you want, and it can be fully charged within approx. 2 hours;
– It needs to be recharged ASAP when the LED keeps flashing red. The LED turns steady red while being recharged, and turns off once fully charged.

Aptx & aptx low latency supported. Powered by premium csr8670 chipset, trond bt-duo s not only supports the latest bluetooth v5.0, but also adds aptx & aptx low latency to both the tx and rx modes. With aptx, you can enjoy cd-quality sound wirelessly over bluetooth connections with aptx-source devices like tv’s, phones or tablets; with aptx low latency, you can now watch video while listening to wireless audio in a synchronized fashion and without any noticeable audio delay
Tx mode: bluetooth transmitter. By plugging trond bt-duo s to your non-bluetooth audio sources (tv, tablet, or nintendo switch/3ds), you can enjoy high quality music wirelessly or listen to late night shows without disturbing your family members on your bluetooth headphones or speaker. Please also order trond td-bh01 over-ear bluetooth v4.2 headphones (asin: b075vlwpxf) for the best low latency performance
Rx mode: bluetooth receiver w/ volume control. Trond bt-duo s can upgrade your old wired headphones (such as bose qc25/qc15) or speakers into wireless with the support for aptx low latency. Its volume/track buttons allow you to play/pause music, turn volume up/down, and select track forward/backward. (No hands-free calling due to lack of microphone; cannot be powered up automatically while you start the car ignition)
Pair with two & smart codec indicator. In tx mode, trond bt-duo s can pair to two bluetooth headphones, and streams audio to both simultaneously. however, in this application, the codec will be downgraded to from aptx low latency to sbc. It can also tell you which codec is in place by displaying different led status. The blue led blinks once every 10 seconds for sbc, blinks twice for aptx, and blinks three times for aptx low latency
What you get: Trond bt-duo s 3.5mm bluetooth v5.0 transceiver with aptx low latency, 3.5mm male to aluminum audio adapter, 3.5mm male to audio cable (50cm extra-long), 3.5mm female to rca male audio cable, usb to micro usb charging cable, user manual in english

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TROND Bluetooth V5.0 Transmitter Receiver, 2-in-1 Wireless 3.5mm Audio Adapter, AptX Low Latency, Smart Codec Indicator, 2 Devices Simultaneously, for TV, Home Sound System


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