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Our Burn workouts are designed to increase your heart rate and get you working hard so that you can maximize the effects of your workout, both while you’re in the gym and for the recovery period afterward, when your body is consuming fuel in order to repair those muscles. This workout features one mega circuit of seven exercises, which you’ll perform three rounds through. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Use that time to take a breather and set up your equipment for the next move – you’ll need dumbbells, sliders and a kettlebell for this one. 

Dumbbell Wide Overhead Press 

  • Stand upright holding dumbbells at shoulder height with your elbows bent and your palms facing forward. 
  • Press the dumbbells overhead, extending your arms fully. 
  • Keep your back flat throughout the movement. 

Slider Rocker 

  • Start in a front bridge position with your body raised off the floor, resting on your forearms with your toes on sliders. 
  • Push off your forearms, shifting your body back, moving your shoulders behind your elbows. 
  • Shift your body forward, moving your shoulders past your elbows, then come back to neutral. 

Kettlebell Hand to Hand Swing 

  • Squat holding a kettlebell in one hand between your legs with your arm straight. 
  • Thrust your hips forward, swinging the kettlebell out and up to just over shoulder height with your arm straight and switch it to the other hand. 
  • Swing the kettlebell down in the other hand and repeat switching hands again at the top. 
  • Perform one rep on one side, then switch to the other side. Alternate sides with each rep. 

Frog Jump Push Up  

  • Start in high plank position. 
  • Hop your feet forward to the outside of your arms in a wide stance, low squat. 
  • Hop back in to high plank position adding a push up. 

Touchdown Squat  

  • Start upright with your feet hip width stance. 
  • Hop out to a wide sumo squat. 
  • Complete the squat while hopping back in to narrow stance. 

Step Up Knee Drive 

  • Stand upright with one foot on a bench and your arms at your sides. 
  • Rapidly step up onto the bench by pushing down on your top foot and driving up with the knee of the opposite leg.  
  • Step down onto the back foot and repeat, driving the knee up in front each rep. 

Mountain Climbers 

  • Support your body on your toes and hands with one knee bent and drawn up into your chest and the other leg straight out behind. 
  • Alternate jumping your feet in and out, bringing your knees into your chest each time and keeping your hands on the floor. 

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